Training in purchasing – to develop key skills in your teams

At By.O group, we consider training in purchasing to be one of the main levers that transform organizations, as it supports the drive to bring the purchasing function to maturity by developing its skills.

Training in purchasing – transmitting the right know-how for companies’ needs

Every company has a talent pool, knowledge bases and experiences to manage. This multifaceted culture must be developed through training programmes that are geared to the company as a whole as well as its individual employees to secure its long-term viability.

Our strategy consultancy has been a certified training body since 2001. We provide training courses for purchasing teams and other function-specific teams. The courses can be arranged either as distance learning or classroom modules and depending on our clients’ needs they may be “certifying”, or lead to diplomas.

The By.O training purchasing concept… a style, a growth mindset, an experience

Our training offer is based on learning methods that are purposely suited to the specific organization, its maturity level and intended skills sets.

The methodology revolves around 6 essential major stages:

  1. analysing the maturity of the organization and assessing personal skills
  2. defining the required skills levels and the target population
  3. picking the core purchasing and supplier relationship topics
  4. choosing learning mechanisms – coaching, e-learning, training, etc.
  5. building training programmes in purchasing
  6. assessing and measuring personal and overall targets

We offer one-to-one coaching to gauge trainees’ progress and enhance their achievements throughout the learning process.

Purchasing and Supply Chain training for the SEB Group

Let’s take an example of skills development in a major company – the SEB Group

Our purchasing advisory consultancy has been working with Seb since 2013.

Every year 150 staff members receive training in the purchasing and supply chain areas. This training programme targets managers, “category” purchasers and project purchasers.

They follow a specific course dispensed in three languages (French, English and Chinese), which comprises several modules ranging from the basic principles to managing a team or a purchasing portfolio.

Sharing experiences and developing case studies are conducive to transferring knowledge along educational principles directed towards individuals, the issues that confront them, their frame of reference and their environment.

Our trainers are all vocational consultants with hands-on experience and so are eager to use the dynamic, energizing “peer-to-peer” approach. They develop cases studies sourced in the Seb context to expose the best practices for adoption.

These courses in purchasing are effectual because the methods taught and tools used can be harnessed on a daily basis, making them meaningful time and time again. Role playing exercises also cover appropriate behaviour patterns (soft skills). The courses really provide leverage for transformation at Seb, by enhancing skills right across the purchasing organization.

Since 2001, more than 20 000 individuals working on all 5 continents have attended purchasing training courses dispensed by our team.