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The power of collaboration: consulting firm specializing in B2B relations

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The power of collaboration: consulting firm specializing in B2B relations

When it comes to consulting, a collaborative approach leads to tangible results and new heights for your company. 

This collaborative approach has been ours since the founding of By.O Group. Back then, over 20 years ago, we were already talking about the power of “ecosystems”. At the time, few understood the meaning and power of such a concept. Today, no one can deny the vital value for an organization of knowing and mastering its business environment. 

As a consulting firm specializing in economic sectors and B2B relationships, we offer a complete range of services to help you develop your collaborations and strengthen your ecosystems.  

How we work as a consulting firm 

Our clients are major groups and the public sector. We address your senior management and business departments, to help you achieve your results. 

Définir vos stratégies
Définir vos stratégies

Defining your strategies

Develop and implement effective strategies that can help your company achieve its business objectives.  

Strategy development 
Strategy development 
Conduite de missions opérationnelles complexes
Structurer vos projets de transformation 

Structuring your transformation projects 

Draw up a clear, detailed action plan, considering your objectives, budget and resources.

Implementation of transformation plans 
Implementation of transformation plans 
Conduire vos missions opérationnelles complexes 
Conduire vos missions opérationnelles complexes 

Manage your complex operational missions 

Steering the implementation of your complex strategic projects, in close collaboration with your teams and with a view to achieving results.

Management of operational missions 
Management of operational missions 
Pérenniser et développer vos compétences par la formation 
Pérenniser et développer vos compétences par la formation 

Maintain and develop your skills through training 

Acquire new skills, train your teams in new sales or purchasing practices, and improve your company’s efficiency to boost your overall performance.

Sustainability and skills development
Sustainability and skills development

Who are By.O consultants for?

Our consultancy services are aimed at general management as well as business departments, in particular purchasing, sustainable development, operations, industrial, training and other departments.

By.O Group works with half of the major CAC 40 groups, as well as with the public sector, whether public companies, government departments or institutions. 

Why choose By.O Group?


Our customers emphasize our ability to understand the context quickly and accurately, and our ability to work effectively with in-house teams. 

As a consulting firm, our aim is to do everything we can to ensure the success of our recommendations and the smooth running of operations. 

To this end, our consultant project manager ensures that the internal sponsor and the various stakeholders are always aligned, so as to create the conditions necessary to achieve the results set out at the outset. 


By.O is an independent consultancy on a human scale, and we see this as a real strength. It is precisely this characteristic of our structure that enables our team to be highly responsive, always accessible and ready to make readjustments during the course of an assignment if necessary. 

Finally, our model is based on the systematic creation of multi-disciplinary teams with complementary skills, enabling us to combine expertise and gain agility in both strategic and operational terms. 


We are a consulting firm with expertise in the analysis and management of economic sectors and business ecosystems.

Our aim is to help you strengthen your customer, partner and supplier relationships. This industry approach enables us to work across all business sectors with the same methodological approach, a capacity for rapid adaptation to the context and an understanding of the specific features of your structure. Our consultants rely on interviews, field visits to your teams or suppliers, and data supplied upstream. This enables us to offer a specific approach to each of our customers. 

Our scope of action 

The process of working with a consulting firm can vary depending on the company and the services you require. However, here are some common steps in the process:

  • Situation analysis
    • Our consultants carry out an initial assessment of the situation by analyzing the data and information provided, conducting interviews with the various stakeholders involved, and carrying out supplier visits where necessary. The aim of this phase is to fully understand the business issues, opportunities and challenges encountered.
  • Planning
    • We work with your teams and the customer sponsor to draw up a clear, detailed and results-oriented action plan.
  • Implementation
    • Our team clearly assigns roles, and we steer operational implementation to help you put into practice the strategies and tactics defined in the action plan. 
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    • We provide regular reporting to the sponsor and all stakeholders and monitor progress towards your objectives and the achievement of results. 

What type of consulting firm should I choose?

  • The By.O Group approach
  • Different types of consulting company

The By.O Group approach

At By.O Group, we adopt a generalist yet specialized approach. Our expertise in the analysis and management of value chains enables us to understand the issues facing all sectors, and to respond effectively to our customers’ needs. 

We are an international consulting firm on a human scale, with around twenty consultants. Our strength lies in our teamwork, and we have a network of international expert consultants with whom we are used to working on certain issues. Our strength lies in the complementary nature of our profiles and project teams, which means we can always respond appropriately to our customers’ requirements. 

Teamwork and collaboration are our strengths. That’s why we work with your teams, communicating transparently with project sponsors, and striving to grow your team so that you can go further in the long term. 

Different types of consulting company

There are many different types of consulting firms, each offering specialized skills and services. Here are a few examples: 

  • Strategy consultants: they focus on strategic planning and long-term orientations, helping them to develop effective business plans. 
  • Management consulting firms: they focus on setting up processes to implement operationally the strategies defined upstream by general management. 
  • Digital consulting: helping companies to understand and implement new tools and technologies to improve productivity. 
  • Marketing consultancies: create high-impact marketing strategies to reach target audiences and boost sales. 
  • Organization development consulting: these firms focus on organizational development and can help improve corporate structure, processes and culture. 

By.O Group doesn’t fit into traditional consultancy boxes, because our approach to structuring and managing supply chains combines strategy, transformation, operations and training. That’s our strength! 

Common challenges and how to overcome them

Calling on a consulting firm presents a number of challenges for decision-makers or teams in the field. Our experience enables us to support you and steer the project to success:


The main obstacle to hiring a consulting firm is the cost involved, which you need to be able to justify to your senior management. But rather than a costly extra, it’s important to remember that a consulting assignment is a genuine investment for the client company. This aspect must be taken into account when estimating the budget. At By.O, we have saved our customers hundreds of millions of euros when we think long-term, in terms of internal organization or strategic supplier management. 


Transparent, regular communication is essential to guarantee the conditions for successful collaboration. We systematically implement a regular reporting system that enables all project stakeholders to follow developments at every stage. It’s essential to ensure that all parties – our consultants and experts, decision-makers and teams – are aligned and up to date with progress, to avoid any misunderstandings and enable the project to proceed serenely. 

Resistance to change 

As with all transformation and change projects, some people may display a form of implicit or explicit resistance. This can sometimes complicate the operational implementation of new strategies or technologies. We are prepared for, and experienced in, such situations, which is why we are always careful to educate and support our teams as closely as possible. It’s also in this context that training can be useful to spend time with teams and support them through change.  

What are the advantages of working with a consulting firm?

Bringing new perspectives 

Working with a consulting firm like By.O allows you to draw on the experience of our consultants. They bring specialized expertise that can help your company solve complex problems and find innovative solutions. 

Draw on a wide range of expertise

Our consultants have diverse backgrounds and profiles. They have often worked for and with many companies similar to yours, and have an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities in your industry. 

Growing your teams 

By.O also has particular expertise in skills development. Whether through executive coaching, purchasing academies or negotiation training for your sales force, our consulting firm can help you acquire new skills and improve your organization’s efficiency. 

How a consulting firm can transform your business

Our consultants work with your teams to understand your positioning and business challenges, and to establish effective strategies for achieving results. The role of a consulting firm is also to help you identify areas for improvement and opportunities that your company may not have considered. 

Finally, our consultants can help measure the results of your strategies and make adjustments where necessary. We monitor key performance indicators and provide regular reports to help you understand how your company is progressing towards its objectives. 

Choosing By.O Group: helping you realize your full potential 

Our consultants bring you specialized expertise and help you develop effective strategies and measure results. What sets us apart is that we work with your teams, with the aim of involving them and helping them to grow.

By.O Group enables you to harness the power of collaboration to help your company transform and create the conditions for success. 

How do you measure the success of a consulting assignment?

Measuring the success of a partnership with a consulting firm can be difficult. Here are some key indicators you can monitor to assess the success of your partnership:  

  • Increased sales: an increase in sales, in a category or business for example, in the months or years that follow, is often a good key indicator of success. 
  • Improved productivity: if your company’s productivity has improved thanks to the new processes implemented. 
  • Customer satisfaction: the main key indicator for any company, as well as for a consulting firm, is customer satisfaction, and whether they feel that the initial issues have been correctly addressed, or whether other problems have also been identified or even anticipated thanks to the assignment. 

Are you looking for a consulting firm? 

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