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By.O Group: our values

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By.O Group: our values

By.O Group is a human scale consulting firm, where teamwork is central. We share common values, which we determined through a process of co-construction with the entire team. 

Audace d’entreprendre

Entrepreneurial daring

Surpassing ourselves to innovate, bringing ever greater value to our clients: 

  • Propose creative solutions 
  • Be pragmatic 
  • Take a step aside, dare to take a critical & constructive look at things 
  • Develop our clients’ ability to surpass themselves collectively 

Collaborative approach 

Building success on the strength of a diverse and close-knit team:

  • Unite around an objective 
  • Establish common rules to generate trust 
  • Promote co-construction 
  • Value our clients’ collective 
Approche collaborative 
Jeu collectif

Collective play

Instilling a collaborative and sustainable energy with our customers & ecosystems

  • Learn from our customers’ cultures 
  • Treat all stakeholders with respect 
  • Adopt a holistic approach, including social & environmental issues 
  • Value equity and sustainability in our recommendations 
  • Be there for our clients 

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