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Strategy consulting: our support offer

By.O Group helps you to achieve your growth, performance and sustainability objectives over the long term, by supporting your general management or business divisions in their strategic projects.

By.O Group’s consulting team can help you define and formalize the strategy you need to implement to build effective, lasting relationships with your external stakeholders (suppliers, partners, channels, influencers) and contribute to your organization’s short- and medium-term challenges.

This support consists of defining and implementing the following strategies:

  • Partnership strategy (financial, industrial, commercial, etc.): from strategy to implementation, including the selection of potential partners and the definition of cooperation agreements.
  • Make or Buy strategy: structuring and implementing Make or Buy strategies for existing or future business units
  • Purchasing strategy: development of new strategic analysis tools, and definition of purchasing strategies to involve business departments and all purchasing teams.
  • Sector strategy: management of strategic sectors from their identification, analysis (financial, CSR, risks, etc.) and securing them in the medium and long term.

Our approach to strategy consulting

In a constantly changing environment (economic, ecological, digital, geopolitical, human), all organizations need to develop new models or rethink their existing ones to differentiate or secure their activities. 

The challenges and orientations set by senior management may be manifold, but they all have one thing in common: being able to select the most relevant operations to implement in order to achieve their objectives.

To operate today, every organization needs to cooperate. In other words, it needs to establish appropriate relationships with every player in its ecosystem (partners, suppliers, even entire supply chains).

For over 20 years, By.O has developed unique expertise in developing and securing the performance and sustainability of organizations by structuring appropriate cooperative ventures.

The specifics of our strategy consulting offer

Our consulting offer has 5 distinctive features: impact, commitment, conviction, collective, independence.

  • Impact
    • We ensure that each of our commercial offers and missions, each strategic orientation and each transformation, has a significant operational impact for our customers, their teams and their ecosystem.
  • Engagement
    • One of the firm’s managers is operationally involved in each project. This involvement guarantees our customers a collective commitment to their service, and privileged access to a contact person with the necessary responsibilities.
  • Conviction
    • Each consulting assignment brings our team together around a shared conviction, which enables internal alignment to ensure strong motivation of each project team member, as well as alignment with our customers.
  • Collective
    • For all our projects, our teams take the necessary steps to create a collective with our customers’ teams, and engage in a collaborative approach of association and co-construction.
  • Independence
    • Our firm and all our teams work independently, in the sole interest of each client. No third-party organization, partner, service provider or customer influences the recommendations we make in our assignments.

How By.O Group works

For each of our projects, By.O Group puts together an ad hoc team made up of 3 to 5 different profiles:

  • Internal sponsor: each project is led by an associate director who ensures the project’s strategic alignment, interface with the client sponsor and the commitment of the firm’s teams.
  • Project manager: a Managing Consultant is in charge of the operational management of each assignment, providing a framework and supervising the production of analyses and studies. In the most complex projects, several Managing Consultants may share responsibility for separate blocks of work.
  • Expert(s): depending on the technical expertise required, we may need to call on experts from within our team or network. The aim of these experts is to shed light on a specific project issue.
  • Consultant(s): a team of Consultants and/or Senior Consultants is put together for each project.

We ensure that this team is the best suited to guarantee 3 elements:

  • Knowledge: by mobilizing employees with the right skills
  • Capacity: by mobilizing the right number of employees for the task in hand
  • Continuity: by deploying a stable team for the duration of the project.

Consulting missions and scope of intervention

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Compliance and data security
Strict respect de la confidentialité

Strict confidentiality

Our consultants work with confidential and sensitive information for our customers, such as business data (strategic plans, product or business development, acquisition partnership projects, HR plans, etc.), financial data (financial results, cost structures, purchase prices, etc.) and even personal data. The protection and use of this data is a key issue for our consulting firm.

Our assignments are always carried out in strict compliance with the law and with the utmost confidentiality. Above and beyond our contractual obligations, our management team attaches particular importance to ensuring that our customers’ information is secure and not exploited beyond the scope of the mission for which it is collected.

For over 20 years, we have benefited from the trust of our customers and developed the reputation of both our firm and our teams in this respect. Each member of our team is contractually committed to this approach, and is made aware of the best practices to be implemented as soon as they are inducted.

Organisation et fonctionnement des équipes projet

Compliance and data security

Our firm is committed to complying with regulations linked to personal data (RGPD regulations). In this context, personal data relating to our customers’ employees as well as those of their suppliers are not used in any way outside the projects for which they are collected and remain, where they exist, at the exclusive disposal of the customer’s DPO.

All the information and data used or developed by our firm are hosted either on our customers’ storage tools (at their request) or on our own IT tools. These By.O IT tools are all hosted on a Microsoft 365 cloud, secured by individualized access with double authentication.

Strategy consultancy: call on By.O Group

Calling on By.O Group for a strategy consulting assignment brings 3 key benefits to your organization and your teams

Sharing to pass on

At By.O Group, our teams have proven dual skills:

  • Consulting skills: all our teams have skills and tools specific to the consulting business. Assisting more than 150 organizations in defining their strategies or transforming their operations, we use robust, tried-and-tested tools to carry out each of our assignments. The firm’s management team, stable for over 15 years and systematically involved in project management, guarantees the use of the best know-how
  • Professional skills: our management teams and experts all have significant professional experience outside the consulting field. This experience (in management, purchasing and supply chain, steering complex or strategic projects, etc.) guarantees a pragmatic and operational approach for our customers.

These two core competencies are backed up by the firm’s DNA, which consists in developing our customers’ teams. This DNA is carried by each team member and nurtured, along with the management and director teams, through systematic involvement in our training programs.

Whether they are “Consulting” or “Business”, all our skills have meaning from the moment they are passed on to our customers and their teams.

Lighting for impact

We develop our knowledge and know-how with a dual objective in mind:

  • Dealing with today’s needs: our knowledge base and know-how enable us to carry out all kinds of strategic or transformation support missions, whatever our customers’ sector of activity and the professions involved.
  • Anticipating key issues and future problems: our teams are constantly working to anticipate future social, economic, environmental and technological changes, and their implications for the organizations we support. This has enabled us to develop cutting-edge know-how, such as redesigning tools for defining business or purchasing strategies, mapping and securing supply chains, decarbonizing scope 3a, developing differentiated supplier relationships… before they are “generalized”.

The meaning of these 2 objectives is to be able to have a real impact on our customers and secure the achievement of their objectives. Our main success is the success of our customers and their teams on every project entrusted to us.

Being committed to you

At By.O Group, like most consulting firms, we have our own set of methods and tools. Nonetheless, our standards only make sense when they serve the interests of our customers and are recognized by their teams.

To achieve this, we are committed to 2 key principles:

  • Our methods and resources at the service of your objectives: we systematically favor pragmatism over doctrine, and are always available to adapt each method (both in terms of content and form) to our customers’ specific contexts and colors.
  • Our answers to your problems are specific to you: our experience and references enable us to select the best approaches to our customers’ problems, and the best approaches to solve them. Our teams therefore focus on the objective to be achieved or the problem to be solved, and take care not to limit themselves to repeating recommendations developed in other contexts.

The meaning of these 2 principles is to focus on the customer, not on ourselves. Our team’s vocation is to provide the right insights and support for our customers’ decisions, not to sell standard methods or solutions.

Would you like to call on our strategy services?

Do you need outside expertise and the best advice, and are you looking for the right consultancy to support you? Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by e-mail! Our consulting director Matthieu Magné will be happy to present our offer in more detail and discuss your requirements!

Our customers are mainly major international groups in all sectors, for whom we work in France and abroad, as well as public sector organizations for which we have specific expertise in France.

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