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Supply chain consulting and value chain development

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Supply chain consulting and value chain development

The organization of supply chains is essential to guarantee production efficiency, economic performance and quality of service for all players in the chain.

Only the structured mobilization of a number of players within the same supply chain can provide effective, sustainable solutions to ensure the sustainability of the supply chain and a fair distribution of wealth between the various players. 

Our approach to supply chain management

As a consulting firm specializing in the structuring of supply chains and supply chain management, we provide our customers, whether private companies or public sector players, with our expertise in the following areas: 

  • Player analysis and mapping
    • In-depth market analysis and identification of the key players in your field of activity, and mapping of the various stakeholders (suppliers, distributors, partners and competitors) to give you a complete overview of the ecosystem in which you operate. 
  • Define a strategy for structuring high-performance, sustainable supply chains
    • Identify growth opportunities, optimization levers and ways of improving your competitiveness, while taking environmental and social issues into account.  
  • Management of relationships between each player in the value chain
    • Whether in the context of partnership relations, integration of activities or adoption of an agility model, we guide you in setting up effective cooperation and coordination practices, and help you establish fruitful collaborations to optimize the flow of information and goods between the various players.  
  • Industry associations
    • We represent your interests and take an active part in discussions and initiatives designed to promote the development of the industry, working closely with industry players to foster constructive exchanges and implement joint actions. 
  • Forward-looking industry analysis
    • Assessment of future trends and possible developments within your industry, and identification of the key factors that could influence your business in the medium and long term, to enable you to make informed decisions and position yourself strategically to take advantage of future opportunities.  

What is an economic sector? 


The term “value chain” is used to designate all the activities involved in the production of a product or commodity, as well as related activities upstream and downstream of production. 

Our role as consultants is to support your organization in the study of your strategic challenges, and in the analysis, development and securing of your strategic supply chains. 

The example of an agricultural sector 

If we take an agricultural sector as an example, the sector is made up of the following players: 

  • Agricultural production: farmers, cooperatives, confederations, unions, manufacturers, etc. 
  • Upstream activities: advice, equipment, supply of inputs (seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers). 
  • Downstream activities: collection, logistics, transport, storage, processing, distribution, etc. 

The effective development and structuring of an industry and its supply chain is therefore a matter of getting the various players in the ecosystem to work together, so as to collectively achieve greater value creation.  

By.O Group’s commitment to the development of energy chains

Our commitment to industry development is reflected in our day-to-day expertise in analyzing, structuring and coordinating upstream and downstream industries. We adopt a holistic approach to promote better mutual understanding between players within an industry, and develop innovative projects that meet the challenges of environmental protection, competitiveness and regional dynamics. 

Through our subsidiary Apexagri, for example, which specializes in the development of high-performance, sustainable agricultural and food chains, we are working to optimize agricultural practices, structure upstream chains and improve collaboration between players in the ecosystem. Our aim is to bring together all the players in the sector, in order to promote a rethinking and nurture an ambitious, global vision. 

By calling on our supply chain consulting services, your company can optimize its logistics and distribution operations. Our aim is to help you achieve your supply chain efficiency objectives. 

What are the challenges for the supply chain?

Key issues to be addressed

One of the keys to economic growth lies in the ability to bring together and foster collaboration between industry players, thereby fostering development and innovation. 

Globalization, climate change, demographic shifts and technological advances are all factors that are disrupting existing industries. However, it is essential to integrate them in order to reduce imbalances in ecosystems and enrich them to build more efficient and sustainable value chains. 

It’s well known that the development of value chains is crucial to boosting the attractiveness of a sector and stimulating an entire economy. 

Buyer skills 

From a professional standpoint, the development of the supply chain requires specific skills. Graduates and professionals trained in this field play an essential role in ensuring harmonious coordination between the various players in the chain, from planning to execution. The supply chain manager, in particular, has a key role to play in implementing effective, sustainable strategies. 

The question of sustainability

At a global level, optimized supply chain management contributes to corporate sustainability. By streamlining processes, reducing waste and adopting environmentally-friendly practices, your organization can minimize its impact on the planet. 

This fosters a positive image with stakeholders, and helps meet growing expectations in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Secure and strengthen the supply chain

Supply chain and value chain development consulting has many benefits for companies: 

  • Operations optimization
    • By identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement in your supply chain. This can include optimizing logistics processes, cutting costs, reducing delivery times and managing inventory.
  • Improved visibility
    • By implementing tools and systems for tracking goods flows. This enables you to better anticipate fluctuations in demand, identify bottlenecks and make more informed decisions.
  • Reducing risks
    • Delivery delays, raw material shortages, quality problems and stock-outs… By implementing risk management strategies, companies can guard against these problems and minimize their impact. 
  • Strengthening collaboration
    • Between suppliers, carriers and distributors. This helps build trusting relationships, optimize coordination and create strong partnerships, contributing to better overall supply chain performance.
  • Adapting to change
    • Market developments, new regulations and technological advances. By anticipating change, implementing adaptation strategies and providing sound advice, it enables companies to remain competitive and seize new opportunities.

Supply chain consulting offers companies customized solutions to optimize their supply chain, improve operational performance, reduce risk and foster collaboration. The role of our consultants is to support your organization and your various businesses in managing your supply chain, in order to achieve greater efficiency and market competitiveness. 

Operational procedure for an industry development mission

A supply chain structuring plan requires a methodical, coordinated approach, involving key expertise such as logistics and supply chain management, strategic planning and communication between the various players at every stage of the project.  

  • Ecosystem analysis: our consultants first carry out an in-depth study of the ecosystem, in order to analyze players, flows and development opportunities. 
  • Development strategy: on this basis, a strategy is defined in close collaboration with the customer’s departments, considering its objectives and sustainability issues. 
  • Operational implementation: our team of consultants and experts are then mobilized to support teams in implementing the project. We work closely with the project manager and the teams involved to put in place efficient processes and optimized practices. 
  • Team support: throughout the project, we ensure regular communication and training for the teams, to help them take ownership of the changes and ensure the success of the industry transformation. 

Our operational approach is guided by our desire to deliver concrete, measurable results for our customers, leveraging best practices in supply chain management, and always with a focus on results.  

Why link performance and sustainability?

Our specificity is to offer services to private companies and public sector players, with the aim of developing high-performance, sustainable economic sectors. These two concepts are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we are convinced that in today’s world, our duty is to support organizations in adopting more sustainable processes, without ever abandoning the imperative of results, whether economic or industrial, in logistics, inventory management, process improvement and supplier management. 

To help you achieve your objectives, our consultant brings to your organization his experience, expertise and skills in establishing a supply chain structuring strategy, logistics planning and supply chain management, improving the organization of your operations, and sustaining and developing the skills of your teams and each business line. 

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