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Conseil aux entreprises : nos clients 

Our clients

Corporate consulting: our clients

Through our team of consultants with complementary profiles, our consulting firm supports major private sector companies and public sector organizations in all sectors of activity.

They trust us

Over the past 20 years, our consultancy has supported more than 150 organizations in their strategy, transformation, operations and skills development projects.

Main business sectors

By.O Group is an international, generalist consulting firm. We specialize in the analysis, structuring, development and management of economic sectors.

This specificity gives us the methodology and adaptability to support organizations in all sectors.

Luxury & Cosmetics 

Energy & Natural Resources

Industrial Manufacturing

Agri-food industries

Banking & Insurance 


Technology & Electronics 

Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals 

Public sector 

Public Sector 
Public Sector 

Why trust By.O with your project?

Expertise in economic sectors

As specialists in the management of economic sectors and corporate ecosystems, our firm can adapt to any context, and our consultants are quickly up and running.

Complementary project teams

Our organization is based on the systematic creation of project teams made up of By.O Group consultants and external experts specialized in their sector, drawn from our international network. This enables us to mobilize as a task force and support you in achieving results. 

Operational agility

The fact that we are a rather small company allows us to be extremely agile in adapting to different contexts and managing projects. We are able to quickly identify key points and propose adjustments during the course of the project, so as not to lose time in operational implementation. We do not hesitate to provide transparent feedback and to be proactive in supporting our clients in the implementation of their projects. 

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