The 2017 manifesto of smart buildings – collaborative innovation on all storeys!

It’s 8.00am as you draw near the office and even if you can’t see them, there are thousands of sensors regulating your day to make it simpler… Welcome to a smart building, an intelligent building… the result of a collaborative innovation approach.

This new way of designing, constructing and managing buildings, factors in an artificial intelligence environment in which computers and networks are integrated everywhere to supply all-imaginable user-dedicated data, services and applications.

This sea change presents the whole building trade with a challenge, as it tends not to keep pace with digital developments and is anxious about the arrival of new entrants.

The 2017 Manifesto – intelligent buildings for responsible and sustainable territories.

The SBA (Smart Buildings Alliance for smart cities) practitioners… the alliance has 200 members who represent the entire smart building ecosystem, presented the “2017 Manifesto” to the Village by Crédit Agricole in Paris on Thursday 23 March 2017 to provide answers to all these questions.

buildings collaborative innovation

Collaborative innovation and the 2017 Smart Buildings manifesto Emmanuel François – Chairman of the SBA

buildings collaborative innovation

Collaborative innovation and the Smart Buildings and Smart Cities manifesto Presentation of the 2017 Manifesto on Smart Buildings

Three years’ work went into making an inventory of all aspects of the intelligent building on the basis of this premise: cities that are intelligent for their inhabitants can only come about if intelligent buildings are massively deployed.

Publication of the Manifesto, ahead of the French Presidential elections, aimed to draw politicians’ attention to the subject of the city and intelligent buildings and provide them with the arguments on the future orientation of public investments.

What were SBA’s intentions when it published this 2017 manifesto on Smart Buildings?

Its overall intent is to build a virtuous framework for all the activities, technologies and services rolled out in smart buildings. The manifesto provides benchmarks and guides to enlighten and assist the sector’s players, primarily the prime contractors and instructing parties. It gives useful pointers so that they can feel confident about addressing these changes.

This approach draws on the discussions of the various SBA commissions staffed by upstream and downstream collaborative innovation sector experts.

Cymbi.O, a BY.O GROUP partner, is an SBA member. This international consultancy helps all players identify, co-build and implement performance, development and innovation levers for their property portfolios and their clients in the area of smart buildings, smart cities, digital and networked devices.

It is currently conducting a major SBA survey of property asset managers and occupying instructing parties that will be delivered as a colloquium and white paper in the 2nd half of 2017.

Its aims are fourfold:

–   To summarise the priority issues of the occupants and property managers

–   To promote best practices

–   To identify the work to be performed by SBA to expedite the transformations

–   To raise awareness of SBA, its work and offer input for defining a roadmap for 2018

Why does collaborative innovation make for a cross-cutting, multidisciplinary approach – essential for success – to the progress of building?

SBA views that collaborative innovation is an opportunity to do better, differently and faster in the centre of an open innovation ecosystem. You have to contact all the players in the building and city chain to seek out skills from the best start-ups and commit to co-construction in a partner ecosystem.

 Together, the players organise and analyse the data to mine all its potential. Using their expertise, they can turn a building into a service platform by optimising the building features, improving comfort and facilitating uses, in the same way as a smartphone that enables you to download applications.

buildings collaborative innovationWhat is SBA’s vision of a sustainable city?

SBA proposes its vision for a sustainable city founded on feedback and puts forward specific solutions to:

  • Decompartmentalize occupations
  • Network with new partners
  • Acquire new information technology skills
  • Open up systems to make them interoperable
  • Envisage tomorrow’s applications and services
  • Provide a structured approach and technical platform such as the Ready 2 Services repository (project management reference framework so that the building can be interconnected with its environment and become a service platform.)
  • Instil confidence, which is a prerequisite for mass deployment

One thing is certain, today all the technological and financial conditions are in place to pull off this sea change and mobilise a collaborative innovation ecosystem.

All you need to know:

Here’s the link to the ODF of our SBA-Manifeste-Smart-Buildings White Paper