Organizational consulting providing a better response to corporate strategy challenges

There comes a day when every company needs to undergo some level of reorganization. Companies are faced with diminishing investment or manufacturing cycles and aggressive, unpredictable competition, so they must boost their competitiveness on the markets.

Organizational consulting – providing companies the means to deal with three trends

organizational consulting

  1. Organizations seek to be agile and flexible

Every organization aims to be competitive and keep a handle on the changes and risks by coming up with specific, effective and customer-oriented solutions. This type of agility calls for real organizational transformation and involves radical change to operational models, human capital and processes, tools and methods. Organizational consulting shows companies the way to define the target and routes that will lead them to entrench and sustain the organizational change into the future.

  1. Organizations adopt a transverse vision of their activities

As organizations are increasingly close to the ground and their teams, they adopt a transverse vision to ensure that their activities are permanently coordinated and aligned with their customers and their suppliers and major partners on the other end of the spectrum. This extended vision means that companies can assign their staff to joint team projects, give them more independence and allow them to take initiatives. This also helps integrate the whole value chain by associating the human, financial and internal or external material resources in an overall performance process.

  1. Digitization as a vector of value creation

There is nothing new about company digitization, so very few organizations have escaped it. The key issue of digital transformation is setting up a strategy to ensure that the organizations gain in competitiveness and long-term value growth and creation. The technical and organizational aspects are not the only considerations of the digitization process. It must be steered and managed to secure stakeholders’ involvement and commitment as vectors of value creation.

By.O and organizational consulting

What sets our organizational consulting offer apart is that we help companies and their general managements think about how they are organized. The added value that BY.O provides is to make companies capable of nourishing and feeding on their ecosystems. BY.O helps companies get closer to their customers, involve their suppliers in innovation projects and envision growth initiatives by creating strategic partnerships.