Decarbonization: presentation at the Air France Purchasing Morning

On Tuesday March 19, our team had the pleasure of speaking at Air France’s Matinée Achats, on the theme “How can Purchasing contribute to decarbonization? This presentation is in line with our Boost&Connect initiative, which enables Purchasing Departments to animate their community by taking a look at inspiring themes for the function.

Decarbonization Air France: strong commitments

At a time when Air France has made strong commitments to reduce its emissions per passenger kilometer by 30% by 2030 (compared with 2019), this morning was an opportunity to reflect collectively on the particular responsibility of Purchasing in the transformations to be carried out.

The success of the environmental transition relies on the ability of Air France Purchasing, among other levers, to sustainably engage its ecosystem and collaborate innovatively with its suppliers, in order to identify areas for carbon reduction.

Today, it is essential to work in collaboration with suppliers, to infuse a dynamic into strategic supply chains. And to effectively tackle the famous “scope 3”, i.e. indirect emissions, upstream and downstream of the company’s value chain. On average, Scope 3 accounts for 70-95% of a company’s overall carbon footprint.

Climate change represents a twofold challenge for companies:

  • Comply with various regulations (CSRD, CSDDD, etc.)
  • Reinventing ourselves to innovate, adopt sustainable practices and adapt to new consumer expectations.

Inspiring discussions with the Purchasing teams, who are clearly concerned and determined to play a leading role in achieving the Group’s decarbonization objectives! Purchasing teams that we know very well thanks to the creation and running of the Air France Purchasing Academy for several years.

formation décarbonation air france by.o group

Boost&Connect: “shots of inspiration” to inspire your Purchasing community

This presentation by Vincent Goudet, Associate Director of the By.O Group, and Alexandre Sépéroumal, Managing Consultant, to the entire Air France Purchasing Department, took place as part of our Boost&Connect initiative.

These “shots of inspiration” are a way of stimulating your Purchasing community, recreating face-to-face links, and gaining perspective on topical issues that are meaningful for the function.

Many thanks to Amaël Berthonneau, Air France Purchasing Director, for inviting his teams to attend, and to Marie-Cécile Nuissier and Prisca Louisia for organizing this morning’s event!