Boost&Connect: “shots of inspiration” to enliven your Purchasing community

Purchasing community events: as the autumn season gets underway, By.O Group can bring your teams together for face-to-face meetings on key current issues for the function!

Reconnect and nurture your Purchasing community

We have observed with a number of our customers that their purchasing teams are tired of the fast pace of recent years and the market tensions. After the impact of Covid, the consequences of the war in Ukraine, the management of shortages… The last six months have put our teams to the test with a wave of inflation.

Some teams have even felt locked into hyper-operationality and transactionality. Not to mention the geographical dispersal of teams, and the advent of hybrid working, which sometimes makes being in the office less meaningful…

Purchasing managers have long known that it’s important to bring together and engage their purchasing community, but it’s also vital to provide them with information on topical issues. That’s why By.O is proposing to animate your community in the autumn of 2023, with talks by experts on key issues for the function!

Boost&Connect: group events on 14 topical themes

At the start of the 2023 academic year, we are offering Boost&Connect, a range of 1 to 2-hour face-to-face seminars to complement existing Purchasing training programs, on 14 key themes for the function, such as :

  • AI in Purchasing: illusion or promise?
  • Inflation: after the wave, how to anticipate the landing of costs?
  • Decarbonization and sustainable purchasing: how to scale up?
  • Etc.

Our aim? Create moments of sharing or enrich your Purchasing seminars/codir/days with expert presentations. Nourish your teams on topical issues to complement your Purchasing training programs. And last but not least, offer your teams a collective opportunity to take a step back and generate rich exchanges within your community.

A dynamic, participative Purchasing community offering, à la carte

The aim of this Boost&Connect format is to offer a dynamic and participative event, making it a convivial and inspiring moment for your community. Our speakers are all experts in this type of event: directors, practice leaders within our firm, or Managing Consultants.

Each intervention is preceded and/or followed by a digital survey of the Purchasing community, in order to collect expectations prior to the intervention, and to establish areas for further study and proposals for application projects after the intervention.

Purchasing community animation: want more details?