French Minister for Ecological Transition: “end our dependence on fossil fuels”.

France’s Minister for Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, spoke on Friday February 24 to the Forum francophone des affaires, a grouping of economic players from French-speaking countries of which By.O Group is a member. Here are the main conclusions drawn from the morning’s discussions.

Overcoming our dependence on fossil fuels is a key issue for the climate, for European sovereignty and the war in Ukraine, but also for the social harmony that enables everyone, citizens and companies alike, to envisage a desirable future.

The Minister of Ecological Transition cited 3 areas for progress:

  • Sobriety (gas and electricity consumption reduced by 10% over 1 year), with major companies leading the way in this reduction.
  • Increase the production of renewable energies (RE), by changing deployment methods and giving more autonomy to local decision-makers.
  • Renewal of nuclear power generation, through a new wave of investment in new power plants, as well as the maintenance and extension of existing plants.

At European level, the adoption of the climate package has set a course sector by sector, with the ambition of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG ) emissions by 55% by 2030.

The French Minister of Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher (on the left)

Boldness, determination and cohesion

Major companies are committed and decarbonization programs are being launched with determination. At By.O Group, we’re delighted to play our part!

Helping African countries adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change is obviously a key issue. One of the key issues cited by the Minister was the need for concrete action to transition agricultural models, in order to increase the sovereignty of African countries and develop sustainable agricultural models.

This challenge calls for the activation of all financing models. Whether it’s aid from wealthy countries, recourse to private financing via public-private partnerships (PPPs) as we’re doing in Chad for the livestock-meat sector or in other countries, but also by finding alternative means of financing.

In this respect, we at By.O Group and Apexagri are campaigning for farmers to receive the benefits of carbon capture directly, in order to finance the transition to other modes of agricultural and livestock production that are both efficient and sustainable.