By.O and Digitalent join forces to demonstrate the added value of AI applied to Purchasing

The By.O team is delighted to announce its partnership with Digitalent, a French start-up specializing in data and no-code artificial intelligence (AI). This partnership will enable us to join forces to promote and accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions, based on the added value of artificial intelligence (AI) applied to Purchasing.

Digitalent: leading French company in no-code AI

Digitalent is a French company with 10 years’ experience in data management. A specialist in the acceleration of data-centric projects, it has become a leader in no-code artificial intelligence (AI) with its MIA platform.

Digitalent’s strengths include :

  • All the AI engines on the market, enabling users to benefit from the advantages of all available artificial intelligence technologies
  • The use of no-code technologies, an ideal solution for making AI accessible to business teams with no programming skills, and an indispensable solution for working “behind the firewall”, enabling its
  • A “behind the firewall” solution, with AI instantiated within the company’s own information system, a prerequisite for keeping their data securely at home.

Marc DEBETS, President of By.O Group. “We are delighted to be joining forces with Digitalent. We share a common philosophy focused on education, support and a bond of trust with our customers. What’s more, their no-code technology is an excellent vector for disseminating artificial intelligence within organizations. It breaks down the technological barrier, enabling us to test and identify concrete use cases and potential KPIs. Above all, it protects data confidentiality by keeping it within the company’s information system.”

Artificial Intelligence in Purchasing: the alliance of Consulting and Data Science

With 20 years’ experience in Purchasing Consulting, By.O Group quickly identified the potential of artificial intelligence to meet the sector’s new challenges. This strategic technological shift requires an agile approach and personalized support based on co-construction.

Pascal CORROTTI, CEO of Digitalent. “All Digitalent employees are particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with By.O Group. This partnership will enable both companies to draw on each other’s experience and know-how. All this while working together to revitalize purchasing. In short, a dynamic association, always on the lookout for innovations that meet the challenges of the sector.”

We believe that AI represents a decisive tool for meeting the challenges of business performance, resilience, sustainability and decarbonization. To demonstrate this, we have chosen to join forces with Digitalent. Indeed, our teams share a common DNA: acculturation and democratization of AI, security, sovereignty and transparency.

This partnership is in line with our shared strategy: to promote and accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions based on the added value of AI, applied to the purchasing and supply chain management activities of key accounts. The solutions developed as part of this cooperation will draw on our respective strengths. By.O’s expertise in Purchasing, and Digitalent’s know-how in code-free artificial intelligence.

Reflect on areas for improvement brought about by AI, based on strong use cases common to the Purchasing function.

This partnership has already been underway since mid-October, with the launch of the IA/HA Initiative. This closed club brings together purchasing decision-makers from a dozen major international groups and our experts. Together, we are working on a project in the collective interest of the purchasing function:

  • collectively identify relevant use cases for major accounts’ purchasing functions
  • jointly test the application of AI to these use cases, using real data sets
  • draw collective lessons on the added value of AI applied to Purchasing

See you in the coming weeks and months to find out how the work is progressing!

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