Apexagri, By.O’s subsidiary, comes with French President Macron in Nigeria

Apexagri was part of the French President Macron official delegation in Nigeria, and signed its first mission there in this occasion. It becomes the 5th African country in which we are operating projects aiming to build performing agricultural business! We will support a private initiative of agricultural development that aims to be exemplary for Nigeria.

The conferences held during the visit of President Macron, as well as many business meetings, highlighted the potential of this country, the huge value of its youth and the major economic and social issues this country is facing. In the context of the doubling of its population by the end of the century, the development of efficient and sustainable agriculture is a key challenge for the country. It is also a way to create value and give work to the millions of young people who want to take their chance and move forward.

The message of Tony Elumelu, Nigerian economist, joins that of Mr Macron “don’t wait for the authorization of nobody, if you have a project, go ahead!”