Align corporate and purchasing strategies for collective success

On the occasion of the Universités des Achats 2023, of which By.O Group was once again a premium partner, our teams recorded a TV workshop on the theme of “Align corporate strategy and purchasing strategy to ensure collective success”, with the participation of Séverine Théry, CPO Direct Sourcing for the L’Oréal Group.

Purchasing strategy is intimately linked to corporate strategy: it enables us to set a course and make commitments to shareholders and civil society. It also defines the role of the Purchasing function, and determines its contribution to corporate strategy and industrial and financial performance objectives.

Questions buyers are asking themselves

While the need to adopt a purchasing strategy is widely recognized, the steps involved in putting it into action are sometimes questionable. It is therefore useful to take a moment to step back from the subject and recall why it is necessary to establish a purchasing roadmap in line with corporate strategy.

During this purchasing strategy workshop, we have chosen to freely answer the questions that buyers ask themselves, in order to pass on the keys to defining a coherent purchasing strategy that creates value for the company.

Here are some of the topics discussed during the workshop:

  • What do General Managers expect from Purchasing?
  • Does a purchasing strategy require substantial resources?
  • When a buyer talks about value, what does that mean?
  • What is the transformative dimension of Purchasing for the company?
  • Are purchasing strategy and corporate strategy built at the same pace?

Watch the replay of our workshop on Purchasing strategy

The workshop was moderated by Gaby Olmeta, with the participation of Séverine Théry, CPO Direct Sourcing, L’Oréal Group, Marc Debets, President, By.O Group, and Vincent Goudet, Operations Director, By.O Group.

The replay is available at the following link: